Jump Rope Exercising for Fitness

Several years ago I watched a demonstration by a middle-aged woman on exercising by jump roping. I was very intrigued and thought that looked like an easy way to get in shape. I remembered having a lot of fun jump roping as a child. I bought a quality jump rope, the type with swivel handles like she suggested. I have moved that jump rope with me all over the country and my children can probably never remember me even using it.

So while reading the March 2009 Consumer Report, I came across an article about exercising. And what do you think their #2 suggestion was to buy? Yep, a jump rope. So I got out my jump rope and tried to use it. It was as impossible as it was years ago. (more…)

Healthy Living Body Soul Spiritual Living

If you are observant and truly spiritually minded, you can learn to tell the difference between someone who has a spiritual glow and someone who does not. This glow comes from more than just being physically healthy or from positive thinking. Spirituality means different things to different people, so it can get a bit complicated. To me Spirituality has to do with my connection to God. My spirituality is very  personal to me, so I am not claiming to be a guru of any sorts, but I hope the things that I share in the Blog will be of benefit to my readers. (more…)

What is Cholesterol and Why is it Good and Bad?

I have written a bit about fats and cholesterol in a post several weeks ago. HDL (the good kind) means High-density lipoproteins and LDL (the bad kind) means Low-density lipoproteins. I explained that I remember that HDL is the good kind by remembering “H” is for happy, while the LDL is the bad kind by remember “L” is for lousy. That’s my silly little trick.

Today, I came across some information on the National Institutes of Health’s website that made things even easier to understand. (more…)

The Effects of Vibrations and Sounds on Your Body

I was asked to explain what I meant about the effects of vibrations and sounds on our bodies. So as to try and not get too scientific and go over our heads in chemistry and physics, I will explain what I mean quite simply.

Everything is made up of energy, even our bodies right down to our cells. Everything vibrates. Just look into a microscope and look at the cells wiggling around. We all give off energy and bring energy into our bodies, and energy vibrates.

Let’s start with extreme cases of the harmful affects of vibrations that actually cause very obvious health problems. On the website for the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, they have an entire section on describing what vibrations are and the health problems that are caused by the vibrations from various jobs, not even taking into account the hearing loss caused by loud sounds. This is actually very interesting reading. (more…)

Teen Weight Loss Tips

Dieting can be brutal but with these easy Teen Weight Loss Tips and fun diet options we can change it to a No Brainer. Menu planning, shopping, cooking, preparing & packing healthy snacks, and spending hours at the gym; Who has time for that!

These are some of the things many diet plans suggest. But we need something that fits a teenanagers lifestyle. Easy, quick, and a grab & go plan.

Stop when you have had enough, not when you are full or stuffed. Portion Control is very important.

The most important part about Teen Diets is to be honest with yourself. If you already ate, don’t make excuses to eat again. Example: Let’s say you decided to have a Vente Latte for lunch, 240 calories, 18g protien. (more…)