4D Ultrasound – Your Baby’s First Movie

hj889Did you know that a baby of 3 cm already know that “dancing” in the stomach? If you are curious to know if you have your nose or are they more like a dad, you do not have to wait 9 months.

Ulatrsound the primary diagnostic tool in pregnancy and the best way to monitor the development of babies. From the moment of pregnancy determination are regularly controlled at the same time health of the mother, through analysis and monitoring of its general condition and health of the baby through ultrasound.

“The ultrasound examination should not be exaggerated. The most important are those at the beginning, when a woman suspects that she was pregnant and then finds that it really comes to pregnancy, is the right place, or in the womb and see if the baby’s heart. Then in the 12th Review week, with “double” test which determines an increased risk of fetal anomalies, and a summary of about 20 or 21 week of pregnancy.

Standard ultrasound examinations are carried out in a month and a half ago, which fully meets the diagnostic point of view, a gynecologist and obstetrician in the General Hospital Analife.

About 8 years ago in diagnostic procedures have been introduced such additional tests (“double” and “triple”) that tell us whether the pregnancy should be given to interventions for fluid intake, or overview of amniocentesis or fetal chromosomes. The story comes down to search for Down syndrome, although there are many other chromosomal disorders, but are much less common.

“This is the only way to identify possible chromosomal disorders, but this is harmless and intrevencija may endanger pregnancy. There is a degree of risk that knows exactly what is and is 1:200. Therefore, amniocentesis does not work for all, only pregnant women with “double” or “triple” test show the need for it, “.

“On the other hand, chromosome disorders are relatively rare and their participation in the anomalies of the fetus is only about 10 percent, while everything else you may well not be seen on ultrasound baby”.

4D ultrasound is very valuable because it allows the creation of closer links with the parents of unborn babies. It is proven that it is aware of the fetus before the mother, the more they will take care about him and myself, which later results in healthier birth.

Chronic Pain Goes Away with Precision Spectra SCS System

hju00Thousands of Americans, as well as the entire world, suffer some form of chronic pain whether it occurs in the back or limbs. This type of pain can be debilitating and make the individual feel as if all hope is gone.

This does not have to be with today’s New Advancements in Chronic Pain Management.  Spinal cord stimulation,  is a reversible therapy that transfers electrical impulses that trigger nerve fibers along the spinal cord. As a result, masks the pain messages that travel to the brain and releases a soothing, tingling sensation. Many ideas have been that this type of treatment can replace to pain with helpful, soothing sensations with an increase number of contacts and power sources. One of the best brands known to man in terms of SCS is The Precision Spectra™ SCS System.

A big plus with the The Precision Spectra™ SCS System is that the patient gets to test out the external version of the device to see if it is an appropriate one to meet the patient’s needs. Insulated leads are inserted in the needle or an incision is made in an area near the spinal cord. The pain specialist will find the “sweet spot” that the patient may give the doctor feedback on. The patient receives a special remote control to increase or decrease the electrical impulses. The external version can be worn for up to a week.

Seven Tips For Better Sleep


nhy990These tips below in most cases can help you sleep better. However, it takes a little patience:

1.Healthy food and good living habits

A glass of red wine may help you fall asleep more easily. Too much alcohol, however, takes you to a restless sleep, especially in the second half of the night. Nicotine adversely affects the quality of sleep and caffeine keeps vigilance.

A plentiful evening meal activates digestion so the body can not relax. “Some habits must be changed even before the therapy, such as reducing smoking and intake of coffee,” advises Dr. Pamela. “And in the course of treatment, of course, removes the alcohol.”

2. Make the changes in the bedroom

– Select peace room
– Ventilate the room well before you go to sleep at night or leave the window open a crack
– Room temperature should not exceed 18 ° C
– Darkened room as much as possible
– Buy a good mattress, such as those with latex
– Use appropriate bedding for each season

3.  More Exercise

If running, cycling or swimming for at least half an hour three times a week, you will need more sleep – and your deep sleep phase will increase. However, sports activities in the evening too much body and stimulate circulation. However, this does not apply to sexual activity?

4. Slow pace and rest

People who are very successful at work or have a dynamic night life often can not fall asleep. Dr. Smith psychiatrist, says that she thinks the dream before the swarm. “It’s hard to miss. And then the body gets signals that are still awake”.

– Make “oasis” before going to bed – relax with a good book, go for a walk the evening with your partner, “clear out” their day.
– If you can not clarify either their thoughts, in the evening write down what worries you or what you think.
– Massage can help to more easily relax and stop thinking that swarming in your head. Progressive muscle relaxation, according to Dr. Edmund Jacobson, an appropriate method to relax tense muscles. This method can also learn – there are courses in schools of massage.

5. Go to bed at the right time

You can not make up for lost night. More hours of sleep on weekends can not make up the lack of sleep during the week.

– Go to bed and get up at about the same time each day (including weekends). Getting up at the usual time helps our biological clock – our internal clock – the ticking properly.
– Do not sleep during the day if you have trouble sleeping. Even short naps during the day can significantly affect sleep at night.

6.  Make a ritual of going to sleep

– Hot bath (water temperature between 34 and 38 ° C) to sleep. Oil of lavender relaxing effect.
– Foods such as chocolate chips, banana or warm milk with honey contains a protein L-tryptophan, which prepares the brain for sleep.

7. It is better to get up at night

Igor Pekic, 32-year-old laboratory technician from Novi Sad, almost got used to your long-term problem. Easy it is to sleep, but not to sleep peacefully all night. After two or three hours later he wakes up, seemingly relaxed. At first tumbled on the bed, but eventually realized that it is better to stand up. “Walk around the apartment, change a few channels on TV and prisapava me.” These “episodes” are repeated several times during the night.

– Do not tip the to the bed. It is better to get up and go into another room and quietly let the soft, relaxing music.
– If possible, do not watch the clock at night. Thoughts like, “I must sleep now because I have to get up for two hours,” and the only disturbance Displacing you sleep. Set the alarm clock so you are typing or illuminated numbers are not disturbed.
– If at night you have to stand up briefly, do not include light! This encourages our internal clock – and I wake up!

If after a few weeks and you still have trouble sleeping, do not take medication on your own, but see a doctor.

Even people who are addicted to sleeping pills can learn how to cope with their problems without drugs – such as Jasna Djordjevic. After years of suffering finally spoke to a specialist doctor who helped her to clearly define the nature and causes of insomnia. Dependencies are resolved more easily than she expected.

When Should Dental Health Start?

vbqq1Undoubtedly and despite the misgivings of many parents, dental health should start during infancy, even before the child’s first tooth emerges. If this is continued up to school age, it is not an unlikely expectation that these children will be well on their way to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

The secret to good oral health
Not many of us are naturally inclined to have a totally healthy mouth. Good oral health will therefore be dependent on a number of proactive measures including: frequent daily cleaning; consumption of adequate fluoride; the control of bad oral habits (e.g. lip biting and thumb sucking); a wholesome diet with minimal consumption of refined starches and sweets (especially between regular meals); and periodic care by a dentist who is knowledgeable about the special oral needs of children.

The importance of early prevention
The earlier in life that children are put on the “right dental track”, the beter their chances of being among the cavity-free generation and keeping their own teeth for the rest of their lives. Parents should not be lax about baby teeth. Decay and early loss can damage permanent teeth even before they grow, and it is important that even a toothless baby receive frequent dental care.

A what age is a baby old enough for visit to the dentist?
As recent as a few years ago, some dentists suggested that parents should take their toddlers to the dentist for the first time at or before the age of 2. Now however (and rightly so), most pediatric dentists suggest an even earlier first visit. By the age of 2, some poor oral habits and neglect can be all too well established in the child and harder to reverse than if the right steps had been taken at an earlier age (such as between the ages of 6 months and 1 year).

The importance of a well-balanced diet.
A well-balanced diet that is important for a child’s general health and is also important for the mouth and teeth. Such a diet should emphasize fruit & vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and low-fat animal protein foods (meat, poultry and fish). Too-frequent snacking on sweets and refined starches (including pretzels, chocolate bars, crackers, sweetened dry cereal and dried fruit sticks), can reduce a child’s appetite for more wholesome foods and is also likely to promote tooth decay..

Why we need Medical Marijuana Doctors

Previously there were many medical marijuana doctors; past scripts throughout historical knowledge have exposed the consumption of the marijuana plant as organic medicine. Such herb was used in many countries such as India and China, as well as other places around Africa and Asia. Nowadays, many Florida Medical Marijuana can help you to get prescribe for this herb. Years ago, the medicine was intended for a long list of ills. The wide range of diseases that this herb was believed to cure is outstanding, from rheumatism, to appetite stimulant, to earache. Then the Modern western found the amazing benefits of this herb. Along with this breakthrough discovery, some hazardous attributes have been discovered as well.

Nowadays, you will definitely find set policies that should be followed so that you can use the beneficial properties of marijuana. A patient needs to undergo legal processes, one when dealing with Orlando Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors, cards, licenses, and also clinics. Such professional doctors come with the crucial task of checking patients, determining whether they need this kind of treatment, and then providing the mandatory advice for its use. Under the policies, such doctors are not able to give the drug themselves.
In the US, you will definitely find contradictory state and federal laws about the consumption of this herb. Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida who can prescribe medical cannabis are a good way to obtain advice relating to the problems and their impact on you.

Hangover Tonik: Your 5 a.m. Fix


We set the bar for science-backed hangover supplements. This project aims to expand distribution of our superior hangover solution, making it available at additional retail locations near you. Hangover Tonik has received great support from customers online and we’re committed to making purchasing more convenient, with your support.

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Risks & Challenges

To substantiate Hangover Tonik , we built a team of individuals with particular industry skill sets and backgrounds emphasizing biochemistry and consumer packaged goods. Our business professionals and medical advisors have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and proven solutions for clients in these fields; this passion is mirrored in Hangover Tonik.

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