Relief of TFCC tear and reactive arthritis

Joint pain is common all over the globe. As luck would have it, I am among the statistical few that have had to deal with joint pain in my adult life. Still fairly young, i really didn’t want the pain to inhibit my quality of life.

I have been using Blackmore’s joint formula and i didn’t try any other brands and I don’t really know how good other brands would work for me. However, I recently experience severe pains after doing some weights in the gym.

For my occupation, I rely the use of my wrist quite a fair bit. I started having severe pain and consulted a doctor and was initially diagnosed with a TFCC tear and then reactive arthritis. For a moment i even wanted to change my job due to the nature of my disability and I thought my health was more important. (more…)

Things to consider before finding the best IVF centre in India

IVF in India has become very popular among many couples who are having problems with their fertility and want to get pregnant and a baby of their own. Thankfully, for Indians, IVF costs are really competitive, making it more affordable. IVF success rates in India are still among the highest in the world.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), that includes ovulation induction, IVF and IUI, is in an area of increasing demand, as Indians delay starting a new family that impact on fertility. The tendency to start a family later in life is typically a choice determined by societal changes. Most women in their 30s do not own children as they still do not have a spouse , and a steady relationship along with a stable income are the most essential criteria for starting a new family . (more…)

I was suffering from incontinence

Being the first person among our siblings to actually be married, I have to say that I tend to feel a bit pressured about giving grandkids to both my parents and my in-laws. All of us are more inclined to focus on our careers, which is why it took me long as well to finally settle down. Now I have to make sure that I can get them the grandkids they have been hinting on since the day we got married. (more…)

Life in Balance

Finding balance in my life has always been a challenge, and I believe the same goes for anyone who lives in this world. It can be difficult for a person to try and get all faculties of his life in perfect order with all the things that go on in our world. The shift in priorities and the change in lifestyles has brought about problems and concerns which affect our overall being. (more…)

Living Without Hair or Fear

For some living with alopecia st louis, hair restoration is just a normal aspect of life. After so many years of seeking different forms of treatment, hair loss solutions have just become an everyday thing for them. However, there are some people that know very little of said hair restoration methods, perhaps even some people with alopecia. If that includes you, then here is some information to help boost your knowledge: (more…)