Addiction Treatment Differences for Women

What difference does it make if you’re a man or a woman?

Before treatment come the addictions. What difference does it make if you’re a man or a woman? Plenty, says the evidence. According to the Journal of Substance Abuse, women who are addicted to drugs use more frequently than men, use harder drugs than men, and use drugs for different reasons than men.  Why is this so?

Why is this so?

Addiction does not discriminate by gender, but there is evidence that female substance abusers face different physiological and psychological challenges than men. These include:

Addiction Progression:

Women metabolize alcohol and drugs differently than men, so they become high more quickly and develop addictions sooner. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says that a woman who drinks the same amount of alcohol as a man, even in the same time-frame, will have a higher blood alcohol content than her male counterpart.

Shame and Denial:

Women are caregivers by nature, so they tend to have a difficult time admitting when they need treatment. Parenting, marriage, and workplace responsibilities may also prevent them from getting help.

The Need for Relationship:

Having been isolated in their addiction, women are less solitary and more communal in their approach to recovery. Life Transformation Recovery encourages relationship building through group therapy, activity therapy, and fellowship opportunities.

Getting Help

Focused on the unique needs of women struggling with drug and aalcohol addiction, Life Transformation Recovery optimizes treatment success by giving women the opportunity to address gender-specific issues, build a supportive network of female friends, and express themselves more openly than they could in a co-ed environment. Whether you were introduced to drugs by a friend or experimented with them on your own, there is absolutely no need to walk this path on your own.  To learn more about our women’s treatment program or inquire about financing for addiction treatment, call (844)582.FREEDOM today.

Menopause should not be Feared

Menopause is feared by many women as the dreaded “Mid-life Change.” The loss of fertility associated with menopause is seen by some as a loss of purpose in life and as a sign of aging. Other women have decided to welcome menopause as a liberating time of life– when they finally don’t have to worry about unexpected pregnancies. Some women even participate in “croning” ceremonies that celebrate a woman’s arrival at that stage of life.

Menopause is defined as the time when a woman’s ovaries stop producing estrogen and her menstrual periods stop. For most women, there is a transition period called perimenopause, during which the hormone levels fluctuate. During perimenopause, the woman may experience symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, irregular or no menstrual periods. Perimenopause may start as early as thirty-five or as late as fifty-nine. The average age of menopause is fifty-one. (more…)

How to maintain harmonious family in your home

Harmony is an essential aspect when the family members want its development mutually and individually. When the goal of the family is to bring up, educate, reproduce, share, and take care of the off springs, nothing of such can be a success when it loses harmony within. When the everyday life is a troubled or stressed one, accordingly the same would be shown in the work he or she does. Family improvement is achievable when there is discord and also disharmony from home. Harmony between mother and father, off springs and parents and also among siblings must succeed abundantly for the improvement of the family.

Misunderstanding or even misconception , insufficient communication , forgetting and also mismanagement of personal duties from each other , selfishness , less patience and also the lack of love are a few of the reasons (more…)

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HubFit – Health and Fitness Social Network

Social networking isn’t always about posting images of family, friends, babies, and travel; it will also be a helpful tool to enable you to achieve your fitness and dieting goals. It could be as a pleasant surprise that there’s an effective connection between social media and fitness. The truth is, there are some reasons why joining health and fitness social network will give us a benefit.

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Tips to giving complementary food to a baby

Giving complementary food Giving complementary food will be a challenge. The reason is when it is given too early; it can carry bad impacts for babies. Babies will be ready to consume their solid food once they are fed special breast milk within the first six months. When the foods are given too early, it is concerned yourself that infants digestion is not prepared to absorb, and it is riskier to have dietary allergies. Additionally, at the age of six months, babies commonly begin to sit up straight to enable them to be fed. Many experts advising to give complementary food when “the baby is ready”, with the indicator: participating when seeing somebody’s eating and attempting to grab the food.

At the age group of six months, the necessity of breast milk will always be in a top priority and at the finest quality. Feeding solid food to little ones beside fulfilling their curiosity can also be their dietary supplement. (more…)