Is going barefoot unhealthy?

Many health experts are bringing to light the benefits to going barefoot as opposed to wearing shoes. More information will be provided in other parts of this site but to give a few brief points: Firstly, when you sweat, your body is ejecting toxins as part of its cleansing process. Did you know that your […]

Zippers For Your Fashion Clothing Design Needs

There are various kinds of zippers you can use for your sewing project. One of the known zipper types is separating zippers. Separating zippers basically open at the bottom, which enables both zipper’s sides to come apart as in jacket zippers. Separating zippers can be used depending on the garment. Teeth weight and length are […]

Jump Rope Exercising for Fitness

Several years ago I watched a demonstration by a middle-aged woman on exercising by jump roping. I was very intrigued and thought that looked like an easy way to get in shape. I remembered having a lot of fun jump roping as a child. I bought a quality jump rope, the type with swivel handles […]

Why go on a yoga retreat holiday

Our lives have become so full in this modern day of living and out time is taken up by endless tasks that have to be done. We have family commitments, work commitments and social commitments to stick to and very early get time to just be ourselves without feeling responsible for making everything run smoothly. […]