New Year, New You?

Happy 2018! I hope it’s treating you well so far. I know there have been plenty of posts about New Year’s resolutions already, but this is for those still working on them now that the holidays are well and truly over. My ideal routine includes being careful about what I eat – no refined sugar, […]

The state of healing

The talk in Canterbury went well. Although the audience was smaller than anticipated, those attending were interested and asked good questions. The video is still in process, but when it’s available I’ll post the link to it. The camera angle is a bit strange because we had a camera fail at the last minute and […]

Substance over style

Usually, substance over style is a good thing… but not when you’re talking about medicinal substances and lifestyles. Here we get into the difference between symptom relief and true healing. A symptom is the outward manifestation of a problem – a headache, for example. Many different problems might cause headaches, ranging from simple dehydration through […]

A Tale of 4 Synchronicities

I’ve heard many times that embarking on a healing or shamanistic path can increase the level of synchronicity in one’s life (or maybe just enhance the awareness of those that occur), but when it actually happens, I’m just as surprised as anyone else – at least for the moment. I’m thinking of a particular set […]