What is Digital Imaging?

Medical digital imaging is the name given to several types of diagnostic tests that are used to help physicians determine what is going on inside your body. Diagnostic imaging tests are typically prescribed by your doctor and performed at a different facility. Diagnostic imaging is a specialized branch of medicine that is performed by individuals who have received specific training.

The most common type of medical digital imaging are x-rays. X-rays are used to look at bones, diagnose certain health conditions, such as cancer and pneumonia, and look for objects that may be located inside the body. X-ray testing uses radiation to create images.

Ultrasounds are a common diagnostic tool for prenatal care, but it is not their only use. Ultrasounds use sound waves and are beneficial for diagnosing issues with organs, your circulatory system and to examine cysts.

CT scans create pictures of the body using a large number of x-rays, taken from various angles. A computer fits the pictures together, creating a full picture that your doctor can then use to make a diagnosis. CT scans are often used to check for cancer, heart disease, blood clots, and internal bleeding.

MRI imaging uses a combination of radio waves and magnets to create images of internal body parts. MRIs are used to diagnose a wide range of conditions. An MRI has the advantage of creating their pictures without exposing the patient to radiation.

Medical digital imaging is an important tool for making accurate diagnoses. In addition to using these techniques for initial diagnosis, many conditions require follow-up scans. These scans are used to determine if a particular treatment is working or if a health condition is advancing. The ability to use imaging techniques is beneficial because these tests are non-invasive and pain-free. The testing procedures are typically fairly quick. Some imaging procedures will require the individual to take contrast material before testing, but this is a quick and painless process as well.


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