Living Without Hair or Fear

For some living with alopecia st louis, hair restoration is just a normal aspect of life. After so many years of seeking different forms of treatment, hair loss solutions have just become an everyday thing for them. However, there are some people that know very little of said hair restoration methods, perhaps even some people with alopecia. If that includes you, then here is some information to help boost your knowledge:

Hair Loss Solutions

Perhaps the most obvious and well-known solution to alopecia is the hair transplant, although you might be shocked to learn that there is more than one method for performing one. There is the traditional method using strip hair grafting, but there is also a robotic method using ARTAS Robotics, which is minimally invasive with permanent results and is also faster than the traditional method. If you would prefer, there are also non-surgical methods available as well, such as the Brio system, which is a safe and easy hair replacement.

Whom It Can Affect

While the common assumption is that hair loss really only affects men, the reality is that it can affect women just as easily. Hair loss can be caused by dozens of factors and can happen to somebody regardless of their gender, race, or even age. Sometimes the cause is genetic or brought on by undue stress, or sometimes it just happens. Whatever the cause might be, the aforementioned solutions can still be used to combat the hair loss.

Different Forms of Alopecia

Presumably, most people mistakenly believe that all hair loss is the same, but this is not the case. The most common form is androgenetic alopecia, which is what is typically considered to be balding or pattern hair loss. This is when you progressively lose your hair. However, there is also alopecia areata, which is a sudden loss of patches of hair. Fortunately, this form is usually non-permanent.


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