Life in Balance

Finding balance in my life has always been a challenge, and I believe the same goes for anyone who lives in this world. It can be difficult for a person to try and get all faculties of his life in perfect order with all the things that go on in our world. The shift in priorities and the change in lifestyles has brought about problems and concerns which affect our overall being.

There are those who try to find balance by understanding their energy chakras in order to determine which part of themselves need to be modified in order to again reach balance. This brings in traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, and involves certain practices to bring a person in equilibrium. The practice thus involves aligning the physical body in order to help in its interaction to one’s physical, spiritual and mental stature.

I have been targeting to work on my abs in time for the summer season. And now that the season has finally arrived I have to say that I was well on target and achieved my goal. I had been working out for months now, and all the hard work indeed paid off I was so proud of myself for retaining my discipline all throughout.

My friends have been noticing the change and were asking me what my secret was. Aside from following a strict diet, I also worked every day on the push up bars that I got for myself. I set this up inside my room and use it in the morning before I go to work and at night before I retire. It is a sweet deal to now see my body in perfect form.


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