I was suffering from incontinence

Being the first person among our siblings to actually be married, I have to say that I tend to feel a bit pressured about giving grandkids to both my parents and my in-laws. All of us are more inclined to focus on our careers, which is why it took me long as well to finally settle down. Now I have to make sure that I can get them the grandkids they have been hinting on since the day we got married.

I have even started using natural fertility boosters just so I can make sure I can get all the help I need in order to conceive a child. I am quite scared of the fact that at my age I may have difficulty in getting pregnant so I am willing to look at all avenues possible. I really hope that in time we would be able to get things rolling and get the pressure off my shoulders.

When my doctor told me that I was suffering from incontinence, I did not even take it all too hard. There are a lot of things I would much rather invest my time on than waste it worrying about the physical changes and medical conditions that I suffer from. This way I can make the most out of life and not small troubles worry me.

The one thing I just needed to do is to stock up on mens protective underwear. This way I would not have to worry about getting myself into embarrassing situations which can be a problem particularly when I am with friends. I am living my life to the fullest no matter what comes to try and bring me down.


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