How I Burn my Calories and Get a Perfect Shape

With summer already here, I have to be more conscious about my figure if I was to fit in my bikinis again. I have been gaining so much weight lately having to spend most of my time in the office in front of the computer and tapping away on the keyboard. I have to make sure that our trip next month would be fantastic and the pictures would be gorgeous as well.

I have been too conscious in fact that I have been counting the calories of the food I was eating to make sure that I don’t go overboard and I will be able to burn all of it. I also considered my basic metabolic rate so I can measure the amount of calories I get to burn even when I am just in the office seated in my workspace. All this is in my attempt to look perfect for our vacation in Cabo.

Also, Boxing is one of the ways by which I can cross train and get all parts of my body in perfect condition. So far, I have been enjoying myself in the ring and I am planning to even take this sport seriously, more than another way to cross train. It got me interested because it was exciting and it was different from all the other sports I tried.

My coach is telling me though that I should not be overdoing my training on the ring as this can already cause fatigue. He monitors the Everlast boxing interval training round time outside the ring to make sure that I get only the right amount of training each day. I admire my coach for his concern and his intent to ensure my safety and well-being.

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