The Effects of Vibrations and Sounds on Your Body

I was asked to explain what I meant about the effects of vibrations and sounds on our bodies. So as to try and not get too scientific and go over our heads in chemistry and physics, I will explain what I mean quite simply.

Everything is made up of energy, even our bodies right down to our cells. Everything vibrates. Just look into a microscope and look at the cells wiggling around. We all give off energy and bring energy into our bodies, and energy vibrates.

Let’s start with extreme cases of the harmful affects of vibrations that actually cause very obvious health problems. On the website for the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, they have an entire section on describing what vibrations are and the health problems that are caused by the vibrations from various jobs, not even taking into account the hearing loss caused by loud sounds. This is actually very interesting reading.

Now, how do vibrations and sounds affect the average person on a more personal level? (Not that men and women who work on loud machines aren’t average). Since sounds are vibrating waves that we hear, compare how you react when you hear very soft meditative or happy music compared with a very annoying sound. Our brain reacts to the sound in very different ways.

Even people who are deaf can often dance to the rhythm of music even though they cannot hear the music, they can feel the vibrations. So even though we may not even hear a sound, our body picks up the vibrations. One day while driving my car, my cell phone rang. The phone was a few inches from my hand. I did not even touch it, but I felt the vibrations from the phone go right up my right arm. That actually felt a bit creepy.

Compare how your body feels after you have gotten off of an airplane, a vibrating walk-way belt in an   airport, or out of very loud bumper to bumper city traffic to listening or dancing to soft music, working out in your garden (without a mower), or having a nice quiet dinner with a friend. What would you rather listen to, children laughing or adults screaming at each other? The vibrations coming from children laughing and playing are very different than the vibrations from angry screams. Remember, sound is energy waves.

There are even trained Music Therapists who are required to have a 4-year college degree and be certified by taking a national exam in order to be able to work with patients as a Music Therapist. Now whether they are working with the mentally ill, developmentally delayed, or cancer patients, they select the music they use in therapy after an assessment of the patient’s needs. They do not merely select pretty music to make the patients feel better. Click here to read more about Certified Music Therapists.

Sound Therapists do not need to be college trained or take a state examination. Sound Therapy is based on an ancient natural healing techniques used for thousands of years. Sound Therapists believe that the different vibrations of sound affect the different organs in the body differently. They may use drums, singing, Tibetan crystal bowls, or a variety of other instruments in their practices of sound therapy as a natural healing technique. I have only had one experience with a sound therapist, which was a very enjoyable experience. I do not know if there is any scientific research to support the claims of a Sound Therapist. I only know I enjoyed my experience. However, I personally am extremely sensitive to sounds and vibrations, as my experience with my cell phone demonstrates.

So as you become aware of how sounds and vibrations may actually affect your body, be aware that many vibrations can not be heard. If you come across skeptics who believe that sounds that cannot be heard cannot be felt, just realize that there are many people who will disagree. Read (don’t believe everything you read though), experiment, and decide for yourself. Some people are just more sensitive to vibrations than others.

On the Alzheimer’s website, there is an interesting interactive tour of the brain. It shows the parts of the brain that are used when hearing, speaking, reading, and listening. I wrote about this on Feb 3rd on this Blog. It is amazing, interesting, and fun to explore. Remember, our body is made up of energy, which vibrates, as does the world around us.

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