Teen Weight Loss Tips

Dieting can be brutal but with these easy Teen Weight Loss Tips and fun diet options we can change it to a No Brainer. Menu planning, shopping, cooking, preparing & packing healthy snacks, and spending hours at the gym; Who has time for that!

These are some of the things many diet plans suggest. But we need something that fits a teenanagers lifestyle. Easy, quick, and a grab & go plan.

Stop when you have had enough, not when you are full or stuffed. Portion Control is very important.

The most important part about Teen Diets is to be honest with yourself. If you already ate, don’t make excuses to eat again. Example: Let’s say you decided to have a Vente Latte for lunch, 240 calories, 18g protien. Then someone offers to take you out to lunch. Do you say no thanks, I already had lunch. Or do you say to yourself, “I only had a cup of coffee”, sure lets go!

Imagine that you are eating dinner with Zac Efron. Well who can even eat while looking into those eyes… but let say we do eat. Can you imagine wolfing down 4 slices of pizza in front of him.

NO WAY!! I would eat 1 tiny slice. So do this Easy Weight Loss Tip: Every time you eat, imagine you are eating with someone who you want to impress, like Zac. Mind over matter. Eat slowly, politely, and just enough to not be hungry anymore.

Or try this. Think of someone you admire or would like to have the body of, like Selina Gomez.. Can you imagine her porking down a Double Whopper & a large fry. I don’t think so! If you can think of yourself as if you were Selina, see yourself already thin and fit… you can and will eat a thin & healthy diet.

In these Teen Weight Loss Tips, I am not saying you can never eat a french fry again. Although they really are not the best food choice for the calorie vs nutrition pay-off. But if you want a fry, have a fry.. just not king sized. Eat small portions. Order small portions and don’t think you have to finish even that much. Or order the salad a bum a fry from your friend.

You can do this. Hey, as the say, “Rome was not built in a day” my friend… Don’t think you have to be perfect at this. I think we expect too much and we are way harsh on ourself when we mess up. But don’t go postal. Just do better at the next meal. Forget the failure. Besides, sometimes our bodies need a little failure to get things into perspective, so it’s all good.

Take a look at some of the other Teen Weight Loss Tips I have below as well as this

Portion Control

Todays portions in restaurants are getting bigger and bigger. For a little while, when posible take time to measure out your portions. This will help you to see what a proper portion amount looks like on your plate. After awhile you will be able to know how much looks like the correct amount and you will not need a measuring cup.

You Don’t Have to be Perfect at this
So many people think black or white when it comes to dieting.. Or more specifically “eat or starve”, “good or bad”, or “success or failure”. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We need to change our way of thinking about healthy eatiing, it is not all or none. Just a few healthy changes will make a huge difference.

Yes I know this take time, but if you can set aside a little time for thinking this thrrough, it will make such a difference. Think about how you want to eat, where you will eat, or when you will exercise. Plan ahead by buy healthy snacks or putting them on the grocery list so they are purchased by whoever it is that gets to the store this week.

Have Healthy Choices in the Kitchen
Be sure to buy and prepare, (or if you can get your mom or dad to do it) healthy options for snacks and meal choices. Vegetables & fruit cleaned, cut up, and in baggies ready to grab.

Prevent Hunger, Snack
Eat more often, smaller meals every 2.5 to 3 hours. This will keep your energy up, keep your blood sugar stable and reduce cravings. But again, have some food choices with you so you are not having to think about what you will find to eat… the less thinking about the food the better.


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