Sports That Negatively Impact Male Fertility

One would normally think that engaging in sports is a healthy endeavor. Unfortunately for many professional and recreational athletes, there are certain sports that actually have adverse effects on male fertility. Many times, it takes a penis enhancement pill like Malegenix to solve any problems that arise fomr contact sports.

These sports don’t necessarily cause infertility, but in many cases, they increase the risks of developing medical conditions associated with infertility. Read on to find out which sports pose risks to male fecundity.

#1 Varicocele

If you’re familiar with varicose veins, then you can think of varicocele as like having varicose veins in your scrotum. It’s a condition characterized by the enlargement of the veins found in the scrotum. Although by itself varicocele is not a serious condition, it does cause decreased sperm production and poor sperm quality.

A 2015 study found that young males who were athletically active in handball, basketball, football, or volleyball tended to have higher incidents of having varicocele. The good news is that if varicocele is diagnosed early, prognosis is usually good. Cessation of sports training has also been found to help improve sperm parameters.

#2 Hypogonadism

In men, hypogonadism refers to the condition characterized either by impaired sperm production or not enough sperm production, or both. When hypogonadism is developed or acquired during adulthood, it may lead to erectile dysfunction or infertility.

Contact sports like football, kickboxing, and boxing are associated with dysfunctions in the pituitary gland which may lead to hypogonadism. This is also true for other sports wherein the athlete may incur repeated head injuries.

#3 Poor Semen Parameters

There have been many studies about how cycling affects male reproductive health. Recreational cycling enthusiasts may not need to worry about erectile dysfunction but long-term cyclists and sports cycling athletes who train intensively may have something to worry about.

A recent study showed that semen parameters like volume, motility, concentration, and morphology are negatively impacted by long-term intensive cycling training. For cycling athletes who would like to see improvements in their semen parameters, long recovery periods are necessary.

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