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If you are observant and truly spiritually minded, you can learn to tell the difference between someone who has a spiritual glow and someone who does not. This glow comes from more than just being physically healthy or from positive thinking. Spirituality means different things to different people, so it can get a bit complicated. To me Spirituality has to do with my connection to God. My spirituality is very  personal to me, so I am not claiming to be a guru of any sorts, but I hope the things that I share in the Blog will be of benefit to my readers.

Some time back, I had a dream that had deep meaning to me and taught me something profound. Many times I learn wonderful lessons through my dreams. Perhaps this is the time, my mind and soul is most receptive to divine guidance. The dream started off horrible and was frightening. The “bad” guys had kidnapped my little girls and me and put us in a dark cave. They stood guarding us while we stared at them in fear. While we huddled in fright, I noticed that we were losing our color. We were becoming grey. I knew exactly what was happening to us and what we needed to do. I told the children, DO NOT look at the bad guys. Look only at me and focus on my love for you. So we did not look at the enemy. We focused only on each other and our love. I watched as our colors returned. We were no longer grey but glowed with brilliant colors. I just kept reminding the girls to stay focused.

I awoke from the dream and felt that I had just watched an intense SciFi movie. But then I realized the great spiritual lesson that I had learned. As we focus on fear and all of the negative around us, we lose our glow. As we focus on God’s love and learn to feel it, we glow in brilliant color. This colorful glow may not be something that we actually see in our physical world, but I have no doubt that it is there and can be felt. It also helps to be around others who radiate that special energy.

On days when I am feeling down, grey, and not very glowing, (which happens more often than I would like) I focus and pray that I will absorb the “Light of Christ” and then I visualize and say to myself, “I radiate to all the world around me.” This is more than mere positive thinking. This becomes a true spiritual experience.

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