Dental Health Starts Early

It’s recommended that children start seeing a dentist by the time they turn one. By that point, they usually have one or two teeth, and a dentist can start to monitor their overall oral health. After the first visit, parents should be bringing in their children about every six months for regular check-ups. Parents can be good examples for their children by brushing and flossing regularly and by scheduling check-ups for themselves twice a year.

Family Dentistry

There are many practices that welcome people of all ages. These family dentistry offices are typically staffed with friendly professionals who want to be sure the all of their patients can stay calm and comfortable during their visits. They also have modern equipment, clean facilities, and a willingness to answer any questions that people might have.

When everyone in your family sees the same dentist, it can save you a lot of trips driving across town. Often, you can schedule appointments back-to-back, and paperwork can be made simpler if there’s only one dental office you have to communicate with. Plus, everyone gets to build a relationship with the dentist and the staff, who get to watch your family grow.

Comprehensive Services

Family dental practices, including ones like the Northwestern Dental Group, treat patients with a wide range of conditions. In addition to doing cleanings and performing basic exams, they may also be able to take care of dental implants, crowns, bridges, root canals, and tooth removal. Emergency dental services may be available at short notice, and many dentists also specialize in cosmetic dentistry. As children get older and as adults notice changes in their teeth, cosmetic services could include whitening, veneers, and techniques used to straighten out teeth.

Those searching for a Niles dentist can call around the various offices, including the Northwestern Dental Group, to see what types of insurance they accept, what their availability is like, and what their particular office policies may be.

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