Types of Lighting used in Hospitals

In this post I would like to talk about the most crucial parts in a hospital that must have special attention when it comes to lighting. Some are given below.

Operating Rooms

Surgical room environment must have the right type of lighting, which must be neither bright nor dim, but simply enough for the medical practitioners to keep focus on the activity, and to avoid mistakes. Good lighting in surgical rooms is also helpful to lengthen the time needed to finish a procedure. Therefore, we advise healthcare practitioners to use good quality surgical room lights in order to save cost and time. It may also ensure much better medical care for patients and not so much stress on doctors and nurse.

Conditional upon the surgical treatment, general HDI lighting or even fluorescent lighting, supported with various kinds of LED bulbs are recommended in the surgical theatres, to improve concentration in the surgical room.  Choose only LED lighting with a good LED PCB assembly. The good PCB assembly on the LED lighting can extend the lifespan of lights.

These set of lights are typically easily moved when not used, and perfectly positioned to avoid moving to maintain the light focused on a particular area. Usually, a true white light is commonly used rather than any other color such as yellow, green or blue as it gives a much better visual image.

Hospital Bed Lighting

Medical bed lighting should really ensure that patient feels relaxed during their stay in the medical center. Lighting which can be self-adjusted by the patients based on their unique preferences is actually a good alternative when compared to the public room lighting. Patients have unique needs, and enjoy equipment such as a possibility to shut or dim the light to read, watch television, use the laptop, or even to sleep.

There is also a good reason to use energy-efficient lighting to minimize operational costs of the facility. The LED lighting is certainly helpful to minimize costs of using hospital bed lighting. Quite possibly the most widely used hospital bed lighting fixtures include an energy-saving mode which has been formulated on the LED PCB. This LED lights offer enough illumination for the nurse and also medical staff; and reduce any disruption to the patients while sleeping.

Indirect Lighting and Direct Lighting

Overhead lighting can be adjusted to particular light intensity, while hospital bed lighting in recovery areas must accommodate both dimmer and brighter options. Indirect light illuminates upwards and delivers soft illumination for entire parts in the room; while the direct light illuminates down onto the patient bed or surgery table, with better focus. Direct lighting can be used for doctors, nurses or medical staff and patients for reading or doing simple tasks.


it is essential to keep in mind consider a proper combination of lighting types, so you will end up with an appealing and pleasurable environment in medical care spaces .Also choose only the lighting suppliers that has good PCB fabrication.  In healthcare areas, selecting the most appropriate lighting is a crucial piece of interior design, considering the fact that it is not just an illumination, but something that plays a part in patients’ recovery.

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