Natural Home Remedies For Herpes (HSV)

Herpes come in different types. There is the HSV-1 or also known as the cold sores, and the other type is the HSV-2 or also known as genital herpes. To get the best relief from the different herpes homeopathic remedies, you will have to determine the type of herpes that you have.To give you an idea for the different symptoms of herpes based on its type, please take a look at the list below.

HSV-1 Symptoms & Treatment

-Blisters are normally found around the mouth or nose area
-The person suffering from HSV-1 may also experience fever & colds at the same time
-Attacks normally happen after being exposed too much under the sun, wind, or even when you have menstruation, as these are just some of the triggering factors of HSV-1.
-To make sure that you prevent HSV-1 from spreading and coming to a more severe level, some of the best herpes homeopathic remedies for this type is to protect your skin with sunscreen before going outside, drink plenty of water to prevent the skin from being dehydrated, wear a cap or a visor that will protect your skin from direct sun light. You might also want to consider talking to your doctor about some safe medications to balance out your hormones, which you need during menstruation, to prevent herpes outbreaks.

HSV-2 Symptoms & Treatment:

– Sore skin caused by erupted blisters
– White blisters that can be found around the vagina area, anus, and penis.
– Pain
– Fever
– Itching
– Burning sensation
– Swollen lymph nodes

Most doctors will tell you that genital and oral herpes cannot be cured. You can learn what “cure” means and is there a cure for herpes or not? However, there are many herpes homeopathic remedies that sufferers may use, in order to ease the situation and prevent the virus from spreading. People who have the HSV-1 type of herpes are prone to having genital herpes through oral sex.This is one reason why one of the best remedies for genital herpes is to always practice safe sex. Using condom during intercourse will prevent direct skin contact, which will prevent the virus from being transferred.

On the other hand, some people say that using apple cider, as a wash for genital herpes will also help, in order to wash it thoroughly, and stop the outbreaks from reapearing on your body. Avoiding eating junk food and refined foods will also be the best way to stop outbreaks, since these types of foods are high in ingredients that can trigger and activate the virus.

Do not scratch your blisters no matter how itchy or painful it is. You will just end up having more severe outbreaks and scratching it may also infect the skin even more. To ease the itchy feeling, what you can do is to take a warm bath. If you have a bathtub, fill the tub with warm water and allow the infected area to be submerged for a few minutes. Use a mild germicidal soap on your skin too. Pat the affected area mildly to remove the excess water. Put cornstarch to completely dry the skin and provide a cooling effect as well.

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