Why go on a yoga retreat holiday

Our lives have become so full in this modern day of living and out time is taken up by endless tasks that have to be done. We have family commitments, work commitments and social commitments to stick to and very early get time to just be ourselves without feeling responsible for making everything run smoothly. Does the scenario sound familiar? Of course it does, because our lives are now so full.

The perfect antidote:

Getting yourself away on a yoga retreat can be one of the kindest things that you can do, not just for yourself but also for your family and friends. The stresses of life build up over time and we find ourselves becoming a little short tempered, irritated or even getting angry about life. This leads to mental illness and at the very worst, the breaking down of relationships. This is why we must take time away from our loved ones to work on our own issues during retreat. The reality is that we all have baggage and a retreat is the perfect place to offload some of that unwanted weight.

Visiting a place like yoga evolution retreats which is based in central Portugal allows you to really relax and spend some quality time in nature, where the birds greet you with songs everyday, the sun shines and the food does it’s magic on helping you to detoxify the body. With many years of experience in the field over personal growth and development you will find yourself working with professionals who are highly trained in yoga, massage, qi gong, yin/yang philosophy and application.

The grounds in this unspoilt part of Portugal are spread over thirteen acres with many forest tracks leading you on some wonderful walks where you will be able to see the breathtaking views of the mountain ranges.

As humans we have to remember that taking time out for ourselves is just as important as fulfilling all of the responsibilities we have. When we take an opportunity to rest deeply we are showing that we do hold ourselves in a heart centred space that radiates love and compassion for ourselves and for the people we come into contact with.

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