Addiction Treatment Differences for Women

What difference does it make if you’re a man or a woman?

Before treatment come the addictions. What difference does it make if you’re a man or a woman? Plenty, says the evidence. According to the Journal of Substance Abuse, women who are addicted to drugs use more frequently than men, use harder drugs than men, and use drugs for different reasons than men.  Why is this so?

Why is this so?

Addiction does not discriminate by gender, but there is evidence that female substance abusers face different physiological and psychological challenges than men. These include:

Addiction Progression:

Women metabolize alcohol and drugs differently than men, so they become high more quickly and develop addictions sooner. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says that a woman who drinks the same amount of alcohol as a man, even in the same time-frame, will have a higher blood alcohol content than her male counterpart.

Shame and Denial:

Women are caregivers by nature, so they tend to have a difficult time admitting when they need treatment. Parenting, marriage, and workplace responsibilities may also prevent them from getting help.

The Need for Relationship:

Having been isolated in their addiction, women are less solitary and more communal in their approach to recovery. Life Transformation Recovery encourages relationship building through group therapy, activity therapy, and fellowship opportunities.

Getting Help

Focused on the unique needs of women struggling with drug and aalcohol addiction, Life Transformation Recovery optimizes treatment success by giving women the opportunity to address gender-specific issues, build a supportive network of female friends, and express themselves more openly than they could in a co-ed environment. Whether you were introduced to drugs by a friend or experimented with them on your own, there is absolutely no need to walk this path on your own.  To learn more about our women’s treatment program or inquire about financing for addiction treatment, call (844)582.FREEDOM today.

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