Top Fitness Workouts for Beginners


Exercising also referred to as workouts in another angle, has long been associated with helping people prevent or recover from different forms of diseases and being healthy. Fitness workouts aids the state of mind to boost self-confidence and mental health. The benefits are enormous, there’s is no single disadvantage of working out.

Exercise helps people prevent and reverse depression, improve mental health, prevent diseases, helps body metabolism, increases libido and support the heart. And while many choose to exercise at home, a new trend is to attend retreats in exotic locations like Bali and Thailand.

Starting fitness workouts can be challenging as many beginners make the mistake of starting out too aggressively, mainly because the embarrassment they’ve experienced over the time from people leading to low self-esteem. They give up when they are tired, sore, or injured. Some get discouraged because they think an aggressive workout will produce instant results even go far to starving themselves.


Once you’ve decided it’s time to start fitness workouts, cheers! You’ve taken the first step in achieving your aim and the problem is half solved as the passion will make you look beyond the limitations and temporary discomfort.

So whether you are a beginner, planning fitness workouts, here are the top fitness workouts we suggest to you that works. Remember, fitness workouts aren’t about muscle building alone, but staying safe, being in the right mind. It doesn’t have to be aggressive and painful.

Side Plank: It works the deep abdominal muscles that many abs exercises don’t reach. In addition trying side plank improves spinal stability, strengthens the arms, wrists and legs. As a beginner, side planks helps concentration.

Step ups: This exercise targets the muscles of your gluteus and hamstrings to create leaner, stronger legs, and a tighter, lifted rear. It is a strength training workout without the need for expensive equipment.


Air Bike: Using an Air Bike gives you all the cardiovascular benefits you get from any other cardio exercise, It is easy and convenient, good for your strength training, improves joint mobility and it is a good way to train and strengthen your heart and respiratory system without overloading it with excessive activity. It helps weight loss.


Running the Treadmill: As a beginner, running the treadmill gives you a great cardiovascular workout and help improve heart health. Walking or running on a treadmill is great exercise and puts less stress on the body than walking or running on a flat outdoor surface. Running on a treadmill generally burns calories faster than most other forms of in-home exercise, such as biking.


Sit Ups: Starting with sit-ups also increases flexibility, range of motion and strength for your core (hips, pelvis and abdomen.) Improve posture reduce risk of back pain or injuries easily modified.


Squats: It helps mobility, strength your joints, strengthens your core, maintain balance, and build muscle all over the body. By strengthening an endless number of ancillary muscles of the lower body, hip and lumbar areas.

Jumping Rope: This tool is cheap, portable and easy to carry can be used just about anywhere. After just a few minutes you will feel your heart rate racing!


Your exercise options are numerous, including walking, dancing, gardening, biking even doing household chores. The important thing is to choose activities you enjoy, that will increase your chances of making it a habit.

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