Black Bath Bomb

vfrt6Sparimo, the home of the monthly bath bomb and spa box, has just released a brand new bath black bath bomb. The intense color of this bath bomb is more than just the color, it’s also the amazing skin benefits. The dark, intense experience of this black bath bomb makes for a truly unique experience in the tub. Oh, did we mention the bath bomb is filled with skin nourishing ingredients like activated charcoal.

These activated charcoal bath bombs are all the rage due to the skin benefits and insanely dark bath water. The skin benefits of activated charcoal comes from the fact it can draw impurities away from the skin and help heal the skin due to it’s toxin-removeing properties.

Activated charcoal is just a black powder, usually coming from a tree or plant like bamboo. In fact, it’s just a black powder with no smell, no taste, and no harmful chemicals. The black bath bomb offered by Sparimo is full of activated charcoal to help your skin.

But let’s talk about these benefits. What exactly are the benefits of this black powder called charcoal? Activated charcoal helps close your pores and remove unwanted impurities that may be lingering on your skin. Charcoal can actually be ingrested, but plenty of goodness can come from charcoal from the outside too. It’s currently very popular and used in to help clean teeth. But now it is getting a lot of interest from bath bomb lovers for it’s numerous benefits to the skin.

The bath bombs from Sparimo are full of more than just charcoal. They are full of healthy skin moisturizers like shea butter and other oils that help keep your skin looking young and hydrated. The Black Soul bath bomb is actually part of the XT series, meaning it packs a mean punch and will color the water a very dark black. In other words if you want a really dark bath, the black bath bomb is for you.

You can either purchase the bath bomb directly from the store and pay for shipping too. Or you can include the bath bomb in your monthly box. These allows you to mix and match various products such as handmade lotions, soaps, scrubs, and more! All products that can be bought in the monthly box are handmade and made only with the finest ingredients. For a low monthly price the subscription box is worth the price with the free shipping offered.

If you haven’t tried an activated charcoal bath bomb now is the time. These bath bombs are super popular and most places are selling out almost immediately. The black water is one of the most amazing bathing experiences and any bath bomb fan should be looking into trying a black bath bomb as soon as they possibly can. The skin benefits should be more than enough, but the black water just adds a unique element for any bath lover. It’s a very relaxing and enchanting experience to sit in a nice warm black bath.

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