A Tale of 4 Synchronicities

I’ve heard many times that embarking on a healing or shamanistic path can increase the level of synchronicity in one’s life (or maybe just enhance the awareness of those that occur), but when it actually happens, I’m just as surprised as anyone else – at least for the moment. I’m thinking of a particular set of events that started on the plane as I came back from the US, and just had its final part happen this afternoon.

1) My flight back from the US was crowded. Even though I checked in online 24 hours in advance, I ended up being assigned a seat in the middle of a row of three, with no extra space ahead or behind. I wasn’t thrilled about it, and was even less so when, as I checked my bags, I was moved suddenly and inexplicably, to the second seat in a row of four (a row, in which none of the onboard entertainment worked, as it happened) – even worse. I had no idea why I’d been moved and nobody seemed like they had the time to talk about it, so I shrugged in my British-trained acceptance and sat down for the duration.

On my right were two business types, one male, one female – the woman traveled a lot and was engaged in a long conversation with her seatmate about various routings and Frequent Flyer plans. I tried joining in a couple of times but it was clear that there was no point, so I gave up.

On my left was another semi-business type, but he looked more like an engineer (which he was, as I found out). He asked what I did, and when I told him, we started an hour-long talk; his wife has some kind of unidentifiable fatigue problem that none of the doctors can do anything about. They’ve been to every specialist, tried all kinds of medical interventions, and nothing has made much difference. I told him about my teacher in Peru and how he’s been able to help people, giving my seatmate the very last business card I had on me. I told him about how I’d been switched to that seat at the last minute, and he said, “Well, I guess now we know why!”

2) Over the past few years, I’ve become interested in the subject of unhealthy narcissism. More and more, it seems that people I meet and society at large are becoming self-focused to an alarming degree. First I read a book that attempted to define human evil as “malignant narcissism”, then I found another, called Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism, which does a good job of describing the unhealthy narcissistic profile. I recognised much that was familiar in my interactions with various family members and colleagues over the years, and was especially intrigued by the authors’ theory that the current social climate (one in which kids want to be famous as an end in itself, where people complain that some good or service didn’t make them “feel special”, etc.) owes much to the “Me Generation” of the 1970s.

So far, so esoteric. But in the last couple of months, I’ve spoken to three friends, in different cities (one in the US), who don’t know each other, one of whom I’d had absolutely no contact with for the past year and a half, and they have all been researching narcissism also after having to deal with such people in their lives. Yes, I’m sure there’s a bit of self-selection here, in that part of why we’re friends is that we were probably all raised by narcissists and thus tend to attract them as well, but the timing of it all is interesting.

3) Yesterday, I went out in search of a dining room table, having got fed up of trying to eat without spilling all over myself. I’d been looking at a table at the local reclaimed furniture place, but it was the wrong shape and just the slightest bit too long for the space. So I went to Gloucester Road, which has several second-hand furniture stores among its denizens.

Before I even got to the one I’d been thinking of, I saw a sign on a chalkboard for a place called The Recycled Home, just off Gloucester Road. I figured I’d check it out… and I found an ex-cafe table, with leaves, for £35. This made me very happy. When I spoke to the guys who run the place, it turns out they only started up a couple of weeks ago – they’re selling the stuff they recover from house clearances they do as Junkaway. I’d seen the other end of their business at my old place, where they came and took away a load of stuff from the basement.

4) Today, I found a flyer from a local tea place in Redland. They sell the clever tea-makers that sit on top of a mug, found in more and more tea emporia. The flyer announced the creation of a new online directory of holistic health practitioners in Bristol; I picked it up last year but didn’t do anything about it for various reasons. I checked the URL on it today, and found nothing, so I sent the folks there a note to ask what had become of the directory. Turns out it’s being relaunched as of yesterday.

And just to wrap it all up with a big, shiny bow, I’d been meaning to post a new blog entry for ages but couldn’t seem to get started. After hearing from the folks at the tea place, inspiration struck… and here it is.

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