4D Ultrasound – Your Baby’s First Movie

hj889Did you know that a baby of 3 cm already know that “dancing” in the stomach? If you are curious to know if you have your nose or are they more like a dad, you do not have to wait 9 months.

Ulatrsound the primary diagnostic tool in pregnancy and the best way to monitor the development of babies. From the moment of pregnancy determination are regularly controlled at the same time health of the mother, through analysis and monitoring of its general condition and health of the baby through ultrasound.

“The ultrasound examination should not be exaggerated. The most important are those at the beginning, when a woman suspects that she was pregnant and then finds that it really comes to pregnancy, is the right place, or in the womb and see if the baby’s heart. Then in the 12th Review week, with “double” test which determines an increased risk of fetal anomalies, and a summary of about 20 or 21 week of pregnancy.

Standard ultrasound examinations are carried out in a month and a half ago, which fully meets the diagnostic point of view, a gynecologist and obstetrician in the General Hospital Analife.

About 8 years ago in diagnostic procedures have been introduced such additional tests (“double” and “triple”) that tell us whether the pregnancy should be given to interventions for fluid intake, or overview of amniocentesis or fetal chromosomes. The story comes down to search for Down syndrome, although there are many other chromosomal disorders, but are much less common.

“This is the only way to identify possible chromosomal disorders, but this is harmless and intrevencija may endanger pregnancy. There is a degree of risk that knows exactly what is and is 1:200. Therefore, amniocentesis does not work for all, only pregnant women with “double” or “triple” test show the need for it, “.

“On the other hand, chromosome disorders are relatively rare and their participation in the anomalies of the fetus is only about 10 percent, while everything else you may well not be seen on ultrasound baby”.

4D ultrasound is very valuable because it allows the creation of closer links with the parents of unborn babies. It is proven that it is aware of the fetus before the mother, the more they will take care about him and myself, which later results in healthier birth.

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