Eating Right when Dieting Saves Muscle Mass

I have trouble skipping meals or cutting back on the food I do eat. The doctor told me to lose 20 pounds now if I didn’t want to have to start worrying about having to really struggle with weight later on. He explained how as the years go by it is tougher and tougher to lose weight but easier to gain it. I didn’t pay much attention to him until a couple of months later when I weighed myself and saw I had gained another five pounds. I was looking at the reviews on IdealShape for a meal replacement shake. I work out and need the nutrients, but I was eating too much during my regular meals. I needed to skip some meals and eat a regular dinner.

That helped me not only to get the weight off, it helped me to get back on track for not eating so much. The amount of food I was eating crept up over time. You know how it is. Take a little more this time because you are hungry, and then take even more the next time until you are eating way too much. My snack at night went from a piece of fruit and some crackers to almost being a full meal. I was eating good food choices, but I was just eating too much.

I did not want to lose muscle mass while dropping the pounds, and that is why I wanted a shake for dieting that was balanced with nutrients. Did you know that if you just cut calories that your body will burn your own muscle to live before it burns the fat? Your body wants to hang onto the fat for survival purposes, and it will even catabolize your own muscle mass for calories instead of burning the precious fat if it thinks there is no food available. So, that is why you need to eat right when dieting.

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