The Importance of 3D Scanning and 3D Printing for cosmetic surgery

3qThe decision to have cosmetic surgery is a hard for anyone. Even if it’s needed for reconstructive reasons, patients are still being confronted with a lot of doubt. However with the help of a helpful surgeon as well as some 3D technology, now patients can get the best possible idea of how their looks are after cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Yakup Avşar, founder of AVSAR Surgery clinic located in Istanbul, Turkey, used to build hand sculpted masks of his patients’ faces to let them have a proper picture of what improvements they might expect.

Dr. Yakub Avşar realizes a truly close relationship between 3D Design and Rhinoplasty. The artistry of cosmetic surgery can be viewed clearly in the 3D models that he designs for his patients. Previously, he has developed hand-made molds that made it possible for him to show his patients 3D model before and also after images of patients.


Nowadays, Dr. Avşar is creating a lot of masks for his clients every month. He is convinced that he is the one and only visual plastic surgeon on this planet utilizing 3D scanning and printing in such a way. However, it will not remain in such a manner for long as other patients and surgeons begin to realize the advantages of the technology for not simply cosmetic surgery, but also other forms of body modification. His funding in infrastructure and education to blend 3-D technology into his surgical procedure is rapidly beginning to be worthwhile.


When clients visit his clinic he initially performs a 3-D scan of their face. He utilizes 3-D editing software to adjust the scan to produce a photo representative of the patient’s look after surgical procedure. Dr. Avşar works by using Autodesk 3ds Max to transform them into 3D versions that he can certainly edit to illustrate the changes that the clients might want to see after surgery. Then he 3D prints the models in order that the patients will carefully feel and examine the life-sized photos of their future. That photo is then delivered to be printed on his 3-D printer.

If you want to have a Rhinoplasty like this done, it would cost extra for a 3D printed model of your post-surgery Visit 3D printed Rhinoplasty site at Check also the video below for additional details on Rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Avşar.

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