How to induce a miscarriage naturally

“Miscarriage” is the condition or state of lost the fetus, or undeveloped baby in mother’s womb through bleeding like running water, it is very bad experience Sometime miscarriage occurs by itself, causes behind this are:

  • Any kind of infection or disease
  • Weakness
  • Lack of nutrients and minerals
  • Age or depression

But sometimes women want abortion because of unwanted pregnancy, or young age or sometime financial problems that women can’t afford the child care. There are many effective and useful home remedies that can induce miscarriage naturally.

Here we are mentioning below some of methods, through which if unwanted pregnancy occurs you can take over it, and abort the fetus naturally:

1. Vitamin c
Sounds weird, it should be because commonly people used to thing those vitamins are good source of energy especially in pregnancy, but vitamin c is the most popular way for miscarriage.
If any women take much quantity of vitamin c, in a day that can causes miscarriage. You can take it by supplements or natural foods which include vitamin c.

2. Hardwork /exercise
During pregnancy the female’s body got fragile, and becomes receptive. If any pregnant lady does intense exercise or lifting heavy things, it’s also cause the miscarriage, and aborts the child. Also have kicks or punches hardly on belly area cause the miscarriage.

3. Cinnamon
The spice Cinnamon is also the natural remedy for abortion; t s mentioned that raw cinnamon works best for miscarriage, if you cook the cinnamon and take it into any food or like any beverage then it won’t work, a whole stick may be tough to swallow and its taste also little bitter but, it works actually.

4. Parsley
Parsley is an herb, which is available easily in the markets, but a very few people know about this advantage of Parsley. What you do that take some Parsley and add it into the boiling water also add some of green tea, also you can add some sugar or jaggery according to taste and have this drink three or four time in a day, you can also eat parsley raw,, the main point is, it’s effective for miscarriage.

Some women shared their experience that if any lady fixes the parsley into their vagina, then also miscarriage occurs, you can do this also, but this can appear any allergic reaction or irritation, which have sensitive skin tone.

5. Black Cohosh
Black cohosh is an herb which is commonly used for inducing miscarriage, especially in India, Ayurveda have mentioned about this herb, now science has also proven that, taking the appropriate dosage of herb will work correctly, but it is poisons, small dosage is ok, but taking much can harm your health.

Natural procedures are good and effective for induce miscarriage, but if any case it doesn’t work, the you should help the medical science, there are kits available, or if any major issue occurs regarding miscarriage then you should consult your doctor.


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