How To Give Complete Body Massage

40Massage is good way to get relieved of stress and rejuvenate the tired muscles. Also massage helps in releasing endorphins. It is very helpful to calm down mental stress.

Dim lights and calm music will help in relaxing while massaging some fluffy towels should be spread for the person being massaged to lie down.

How to Start Massage: Warm scented oil should be heated in microwave for thirty seconds. This will help the hands to slide over the body while massaging and also provide a relaxing feeling.

The person should lie on the floor or a bed with a towel beneath. The person should be nude or wear minimal clothing. Then dollop of oil should be rubbed in the hands and start the massaging. Both sides of the neck should be gently stroked, then move up the temples with gentle rub. Then again the base of the neck should be stroked. Slowly, the hands should go towards the shoulders while continuing to rub and knead. Thumb could be used to rub in upward motion where the neck and shoulders join. This will help to release tension.

Hands should move from one shoulder to another with circular motion in the edges. Thumbs could be used to release the knots. Oil should be used as required to lubricate the skin. Slowly the hands should go to the other parts of the body. While doing the spines they should press. Then both sides of the body should kneading and go up to the armpits and back again to fill in the missed spots.

Then the triceps should be kneaded gently. The elbow should be lightly skimmed. The bottom portion of the arms should be rubbed in small circles. The sides between the hips and the legs should be massaged as well.

Leg massage: Back of the thigh should massage in circles and then light skims over the knees and the calf muscles and move down towards the feet. While doing the feet, thumbs should be used to upwards between the heel and toes.
Then from the legs the shins should be massaged gently, skim over the knee with gentle stokes and then up the thigh. Larger circular motions moving in and out should be carried over the thighs. Little pressure should be used on the abdomen and it should be kneaded in large circles. From the pubic bone upwards strokes should be carried up to the ribcage. The thumbs should go up the hip in inwards and outward motion

Chest Massage: It should begin in the middle of the chest at the breast bone. Fingertips should be used to lightly rub from the middle to outside of the pectoral muscles and then move downwards the ribs to collar bone.
The massage should end at the neck by kneading each side gently and rubbing lightly with the thumb over the jawbone and below the ear and back.

Swedish massage is the most popular form of massage. It involves stroking the body in horizontal and vertical motions and then kneading the muscles. The aim is to relieve the tired muscles and promote blood circulation.

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