Sciatic Nerve Pain that attacks most women

zx67When women hear the phrase sciatica, they almost think of a sickness or a virus. It sounds scary, but in reality it’s just a symptom that is commonly associated with leg pain. Often, injuries can cause this pain to range anywhere from annoying to entirely disabling. Whether because of car accidents or other collisions, this pain can eventually hinder a woman’s ability to walk entirely.

The most typical symptom of sciatic nerve injury is pain that can be felt in the lower back and just above the buttocks. This pain is sharp and can shoot down the leg. It can also be felt running down the thigh. In some cases, this pain may extend all the way to the foot. How severe the pain is relates to the extent of the damage, but very often it sends people looking for answers in order to reduce sciatic nerve pain.

Because the sciatic nerve exists on both sides of the back, it can affect both the left and right legs. If there is damage to the spine, it can increase the pain and also the level of disability. If you’ve recently experienced such pain, it’s important to seek outside help to determine if you are experiencing sciatic nerve pain.

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