What Causes High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is known as a force of blood pushing against the blood vessel wall. The function of the heart is to pump the blood into arteries which further carry it through out the body. The heart has to force harder in high blood pressure that can lead to heart failure. Blood pressure is normal at 120/80 and prehypertension at 140/90 finally high at 160/100.


The real and exact cause of high blood pressure is still not known. There are several factors which are responsible for the high blood pressure. Obesity is the main cause of high blood pressure. Smoking plays a positive role in increasing blood pressure. Person taking high salt diet and fatty foods, can suffer from this problem. Lack of physical exercise is another factor. People drinking excessive alcohols are sufferers of it.

Stress and old age are also responsible for it. Genetic problem is equally responsible to increase this ailment. Chronic kidney disease contributes to increase blood pressure. Some times person is quite healthy but still they are suffering from this problem and doctors conclude that they might be having family history of high blood pressure.

Adrenal and thyroid disorders are another factor responsible to increase blood pressure. Diabetes, insufficient intake of potassium, calcium, birth control pills, medications, pregnancy, hormonal disturbance , endocrine tumor, magnesium are another important factors which can increase blood pressure.


It is called silent killer and most of the time the symptoms don’t appear at all but can disturb the person later on with so many complications like kidney failure, brain hemorrhage, nose bleeding, or heart attack. There are symptoms of headaches and sleepiness throughout the day and night. Person remain always confused all the time. Patient may go into coma. Eye damage is another symptom which can alert the person at the early stage to get treatment of high blood pressure.

How to prevent high blood pressure?

Change your lifestyle near the middle age and regularly get your blood pressure, weight and cholesterol checked up. Avoid smoking and do exercises regularly. Losing excessive weight is very important factor to get rid of this ailment. Alcohol and salt may be cut down to keep good health. Do not stick to one particular diet but eat varied diet to keep high blood pressure away.

Relax after doing work to avoid stress which is the main cause. Medication must be taken after consulting the doctor. Fish oil, garlic, hawthorn herb, folic acid may be taken to lower high blood pressure. Avoid low calories foods and cut down red meats, whole milk, cheese, fried foods, ice cream, cakes, pastries and snacks. Take boiled or poached chicken, fish, low-sodium cheese and fresh fruits. Prefer starched and fiber foods, vegetables, rice, dry peas, beans and vitamins in the diet to avoid high blood pressure.

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