Eczema Treatment For Kids

Eczema is an ailment of the skin in which the skin becomes red and flaky accompanied by strong itch and mild pain. Children are almost always affected by it. It can occur at any stage of childhood, but children in later childhood are more at risk of contacting this disease. Eczema may also happen because of some allergic reaction. So, children who are more prone to allergies are more likely to catch it.

To take an example, a child may suffer from eczema because of the effect of some chemicals that may be present in his soap or shampoo. In other words, he may be allergic to those chemicals and as a result gets affected by eczema. Similarly, the clothes that children wear also are sometimes responsible for this ailment. The dyes used in coloring the clothes may be the real culprits. Thus, it becomes very difficult to ascertain the right cause of this skin condition.

Whatever be the cause, one thing is for certain that you ought to tell your children to be patient with this condition. They should not scratch at all because it usually worsens the situation and makes skin prone to serious infections. Not only do the rashes get deeper, they also become more painful. But it’s easier said than done,  especially while dealing with children.

The other method that is effective is the use of certain herbal lotions that combine the benefits of nature and medical knowledge. These are easily available at your local food store and come in catchy names. Just add a small amount of it in water every time the child goes for a bath.

Child emollients are also available in the market and prove to be much beneficial as they moisturize and soothe the skin. Such creams if kept in the refrigerator before application give a cool and pleasant feeling to your child. Similarly you can give your child an oatmeal bath for calm and comfort.

The oatmeal that you use should be of high quality and should be added to tepid water for best results. Usually two cups of oatmeal will suffice but in case of severe itch you can add 3 or 4 cups more. Just keep in mind that you tender child does not become uncomfortable with the added quantity.

Blueberry leaves also have anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties. You can make a lotion from them in your home. But that’s somewhat a cumbersome job, so, just go in for lotions of blueberry leaves that are most likely to be found in the herbal section of your provisional store. Vitamin E-cream is also famous for reliving the skin of its discomfort and is safe for small children as well.

Various other herbal treatments are also available in the market and almost all of them are safe for children. Still, you must keep the quality of brand and preference of your child in mind before opting one.

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