Home Remedies For Cold Sores

There is not even a single highly effective over the counter medicine that can be called a complete cure for Cold sores. Contrary to this, certain common medicines are known to have side effects. So, natural treatment and home remedies for cold sores are considered to be the best option. The trick lies in acting fast.

Most commonly, tingling starts in the area of your face where a cold sore is about to appear. Just identify the area well and apply ice over it. Apply it over a considerable amount of time (say 20-25 minutes) and you would get instant relief. Cold sores aren’t the sort of things you go to the doctors about and you won’t use health insurance to cover any treatment you get for it but this doesn’t mean it’s still not uncomfortable. Hopefully some of the following ideas will help to reduce any unnecessary discomfort.

In some of the cases mere application of ice hampers the growth of cold sores completely and does not allow them to surface. This treatment is effective even after the appearance of blisters. The logic behind this treatment is that this cold therapy actually slows down the activity of the virus that is responsible for the sores. Replication of the virus is controlled and infection becomes weak and easy to handle.

Another successful method is the application of tea over the affected part. It’s better if you apply your tea bag directly to the surface. Don’t forget to moisten it beforehand so that the ingredients that have to act upon the sore are available readily. The basic ingredient that gives you relief is Tannin and it works best when wet. You can also moisten your tea bag and freeze it. It can then be used just like ice, giving you double benefit.

You are also advised not to scratch the surface that has blisters on it. This simple precaution can relive much pain as well as speed up the healing process. Common salt has also been proved to cure cold sores. Just apply it 4-5 times during the day for 2-3 days and you are very likely to get relief.

Similarly, Aloe Vera, with its anti-inflammatory properties tends to reduce the soreness and itchiness associated with the sores. Just like aloe vera ‘Witch Hazel’ is another herb that is quite effective for this kind of treatment. Just browse through your food store and you will certainly lay your hands upon it. In case of both the herbs, a paste form gives the maximum amount of comfort.

It is always said ‘Prevention is better than care’.  The same adage applies to cold sores as well as to a host of other diseases. Mostly they occur in people who have weak immune systems. So, work on your immune system and you will not be affected by this disease in the very first place. You should have a healthy diet and should shun bad habits like excessive smoking and drinking. Side by side, low to moderate exercise is also highly recommended.

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