Eating Right when Dieting Saves Muscle Mass

I have trouble skipping meals or cutting back on the food I do eat. The doctor told me to lose 20 pounds now if I didn’t want to have to start worrying about having to really struggle with weight later on. He explained how as the years go by it is tougher and tougher to lose weight but easier to gain it. I didn’t pay much attention to him until a couple of months later when I weighed myself and saw I had gained another five pounds. I was looking at the reviews on IdealShape for a meal replacement shake. I work out and need the nutrients, but I was eating too much during my regular meals. I needed to skip some meals and eat a regular dinner.

That helped me not only to get the weight off, it helped me to get back on track for not eating so much. (more…)

Botox Treatments at the Chiropractor

When my friend enthused about a Phoenix chiropractor who does Botox injections, I thought she’d taken too many injections. Why would a chiropractor do Botox? Isn’t that in the realm of cosmetic surgeons? I myself had been giving serious consideration to having Botox done, but I figured the cost would be astronomical by going to a plastic surgeon. They’ll charge an arm and a leg because they can. But here words intrigued me enough to look further into the matter and sure enough this chiropractor does indeed perform Botox injections. I thought going in for a consultation was worth the time.

At the very least I could possibly figure out further options if this didn’t pan out. (more…)

Laser tattoo removal tips you need to have

When it comes to any kind of tattoo removal, one needs to ensure that they are aware of the procedures that will be followed when the tattoo is removed. You need to have enough information on tattoo removal tips and processes so that you can be ready for it. You can visit website to learn more.

One of the things you need to be concerned about is the safety of your body while you are undergoing the laser tattoo removal. (more…)

Healthy Living Mind Body Spirit

The other day I was listening to a CD about stress management. Except the speaker was much like I am. She does not like the term stress management. I don’t like the term because when I am majorly stressed, the last thing I want is one more thing to manage.

This speaker preferred to use the words becoming stress resilient. I liked those words. She talked about a lot of different things, but she did stress the importance of the basics. Taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. She talked about the different types of stress. Physical stress, mental stress, and emotional stress. If our bodies are unhealthy or our emotions are all over the chart, it will be hard to become resilient to stress. (more…)

Jump Rope Exercising for Fitness

Several years ago I watched a demonstration by a middle-aged woman on exercising by jump roping. I was very intrigued and thought that looked like an easy way to get in shape. I remembered having a lot of fun jump roping as a child. I bought a quality jump rope, the type with swivel handles like she suggested. I have moved that jump rope with me all over the country and my children can probably never remember me even using it.

So while reading the March 2009 Consumer Report, I came across an article about exercising. And what do you think their #2 suggestion was to buy? Yep, a jump rope. So I got out my jump rope and tried to use it. It was as impossible as it was years ago. (more…)

Healthy Living Body Soul Spiritual Living

If you are observant and truly spiritually minded, you can learn to tell the difference between someone who has a spiritual glow and someone who does not. This glow comes from more than just being physically healthy or from positive thinking. Spirituality means different things to different people, so it can get a bit complicated. To me Spirituality has to do with my connection to God. My spirituality is very  personal to me, so I am not claiming to be a guru of any sorts, but I hope the things that I share in the Blog will be of benefit to my readers. (more…)

What is Cholesterol and Why is it Good and Bad?

I have written a bit about fats and cholesterol in a post several weeks ago. HDL (the good kind) means High-density lipoproteins and LDL (the bad kind) means Low-density lipoproteins. I explained that I remember that HDL is the good kind by remembering “H” is for happy, while the LDL is the bad kind by remember “L” is for lousy. That’s my silly little trick.

Today, I came across some information on the National Institutes of Health’s website that made things even easier to understand. (more…)