Eating Right when Dieting Saves Muscle Mass

I have trouble skipping meals or cutting back on the food I do eat. The doctor told me to lose 20 pounds now if I didn’t want to have to start worrying about having to really struggle with weight later on. He explained how as the years go by it is tougher and tougher to lose weight but easier to gain it. I didn’t pay much attention to him until a couple of months later when I weighed myself and saw I had gained another five pounds. I was looking at the reviews on IdealShape for a meal replacement shake. I work out and need the nutrients, but I was eating too much during my regular meals. I needed to skip some meals and eat a regular dinner.

That helped me not only to get the weight off, it helped me to get back on track for not eating so much. (more…)

Botox Treatments at the Chiropractor

When my friend enthused about a Phoenix chiropractor who does Botox injections, I thought she’d taken too many injections. Why would a chiropractor do Botox? Isn’t that in the realm of cosmetic surgeons? I myself had been giving serious consideration to having Botox done, but I figured the cost would be astronomical by going to a plastic surgeon. They’ll charge an arm and a leg because they can. But here words intrigued me enough to look further into the matter and sure enough this chiropractor does indeed perform Botox injections. I thought going in for a consultation was worth the time.

At the very least I could possibly figure out further options if this didn’t pan out. (more…)

Abnehmen mit Fito Spray

Neulich sah ich im Fitnessstudio, dass mein Kumpel viel Zeit mit seinem sich ausdehnenden Bierbauch verbrachte. Er sagte mir, er sei krank und müde von all dem Gewicht, das er gewonnen habe. Ich fragte ihn, was er damit vorhabe. Er sagte mir, dass er ein Produkt namens Fito Spray verwenden würde. Ich hatte noch nie zuvor von diesem Produkt gehört, also fragte ich ihn, ob er mir ein bisschen mehr darüber erzählen könnte. Er sagte, dass er sich freuen würde.

Vorteile von FitoSpray:

• Alles natürlich
• Klinisch formuliert
• Steuert Appetit
• Einfach zu verwenden

Ich war sehr beeindruckt von dieser Beschreibung. Und wenn ich mich im Spiegel betrachte, kann ich sehen, dass ich in letzter Zeit ein bisschen an Gewicht zugenommen habe, was für mich in Zukunft ein größeres Problem werden könnte. Dieses Produkt kann mir wirklich helfen, etwas Gewicht in meinem beschäftigten Lebensstil zu verlieren. (more…)

Spicy and Seductive Indonesian food recipes

Indonesia is a country which is popular for its variety of food and its spices. Travelers, from around the world came to Indonesia to take part in the spices of Indonesia. In Indonesia, you will find fine soil and coasts, and they eat many seafood. Indonesia needs rice as its main food. China has brought about Indonesian food through its tea, cabbage, and soybeans. Additionally they introduced noodles, soybeans, and stir fry to Indonesia. In addition they were based mostly on China and Europe in their Indonesian excellent recipes. When the Dutch colonized Indonesia, they introduce to them a lot more foods.

Rice is Indonesia’s main food, so it is not astonishing that Indonesian recipes generally include rice. Also spices are quite regularly used in Indonesian recipes. One spice which is widely used in Indonesia is chili pepper, generally known as Cabai. This pepper is pretty hot and is found in numerous Indonesian foods. One more spice which is often put to use is ginger, known as jahe , and this is a hot spice . It is also used in a Indonesian drink recipe which they call wedang jahe . Kunyit is a spice that not just increases flavor, but will also add color to Indonesian foods .

Cardamom is a spice which is often found in teas, but at the same time it is also used in tasty desserts in Indonesia. Cinnamon used for Indonesia recipes is a bit different than common cinnamon in texture, (more…)

Kamedis Acne Kit – Acne Solutions That Work

This is my Kamedis acne kit review. This article will clear every little thing up with my own personal experiences on the Kamedis Acne kit. From my own experience, I would say that the most effective way to know whether a product will certainly work or not is to check how other individuals have used it.

The very first thing that you should know about an acne therapy is that they will work in various ways based on the effective ingredients. The process where the Kamedis acne kit works is by reducing the hormones that trigger acne while taking acne toxins away from the skin.

The Kamedis acne treatment will take around two weeks for the healing proccess process. You also need to give the product 60 days to get best results. Staying consistent is important, due to the fact that your body must adapt to the product along with the hormone adjustments before you will notice the satisfactory results. (more…)

How to maintain communication with your mate

Communication has become the most crucial elements in marriage and without communication your marital relationship will end soon. To start with of marital relationship, communicating with your mate or spouse is not difficult and enjoyable. We create methods on how to make the mutual exchange of views enjoyable and exciting.

No matter how much time you as well as your mate have been formed together or how familiar you are to one another – each relationship is affected with communication problems sooner or later in life.

Most of us deal with various emotions on a daily basis. Additionally, we have to deal with a variety of problems which burden our minds. To relieve this burden we must give vent to our inner thoughts. When you realize this need, you will discover the magic formula to discovering tactics on how to listen successfully to your mate. In an effort to listen properly you should be totally non-judgmental. (more…)

Low Carb Diet: A Woman’s Story

Thirty years ago Dr. Atkins’s first book on the relationship between consuming carbohydrates and obesity became the butt of jokes among the traditional medical establishment just as quickly as it became the biggest fad diet among the desperate lay person. It was, and is, a diet program that lets people eat as much food as they want as often as they want, as long as they limit the number of carbohydrates they consume.

It was a fad diet then, but has now graduated into an obesity treatment that many MD’s are approving for their patients. Our visitor, Susan Reynolds of Newfane, VT, is one such patient and she shares her experience below:

“I had been struggling with an extra 20 pounds that never left me after my last child was born. I had tried phen-phen, before I knew it was dangerous, and that took off the weight. But, as soon as I stopped taking the pills, the weight crept back on at about 3 pounds per month.
I increased my exercising to 3 miles a day, 5 days per week, but that didn’t stop the slow weight gain. I’ve never been one to eat sweets or snacks, but still the slow weight gain continued.

Finally, I asked my family practitioner (M.D.) what to do. She suggested I “limit” my carbohydrate intake. I bought a copy of the Atkins diet, because I knew that focused on carbohydrate reduction, and followed the diet faithfully. Within 2 months, I lost the 20 pounds and have kept it off for one year. And throughout this time I wasn’t left feeling hungry once.

But, even more important to me than looking better is that I am feeling better than I ever have in my adult life. Previous to changing the way I ate, I generally had a “slump” in mid-afternoon. During the period from 2 to 3:30 or so, I would feel very tired and in need of a nap. My work productivity and attitude seemed to suffer every afternoon, and I’d arrive home after work not inclined to do much of anything.

Now, however, I plow through the day non-stop and still have some energy left over for the kids after work. I know for a fact that this has been caused by the severe reduction of the carbohydrates in my diet.

As the medical establishment, with their “eat less, exercise more” mandates, continues to be ineffective against the epidemic of obesity in the United States, we’ve decided to look at alternative approaches to weight loss. And we’ve decided to look at them through the eyes of our visitors by asking: What worked for you?

zetaclear review

Addiction Treatment Differences for Women

What difference does it make if you’re a man or a woman?

Before treatment come the addictions. What difference does it make if you’re a man or a woman? Plenty, says the evidence. According to the Journal of Substance Abuse, women who are addicted to drugs use more frequently than men, use harder drugs than men, and use drugs for different reasons than men.  Why is this so?

Why is this so?

Addiction does not discriminate by gender, but there is evidence that female substance abusers face different physiological and psychological challenges than men. These include:

Addiction Progression:

Women metabolize alcohol and drugs differently than men, so they become high more quickly and develop addictions sooner. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says that a woman who drinks the same amount of alcohol as a man, even in the same time-frame, will have a higher blood alcohol content than her male counterpart.

Shame and Denial:

Women are caregivers by nature, so they tend to have a difficult time admitting when they need treatment. Parenting, marriage, and workplace responsibilities may also prevent them from getting help.

The Need for Relationship:

Having been isolated in their addiction, women are less solitary and more communal in their approach to recovery. Life Transformation Recovery encourages relationship building through group therapy, activity therapy, and fellowship opportunities.

Getting Help

Focused on the unique needs of women struggling with drug and aalcohol addiction, Life Transformation Recovery optimizes treatment success by giving women the opportunity to address gender-specific issues, build a supportive network of female friends, and express themselves more openly than they could in a co-ed environment. Whether you were introduced to drugs by a friend or experimented with them on your own, there is absolutely no need to walk this path on your own.  To learn more about our women’s treatment program or inquire about financing for addiction treatment, call (844)582.FREEDOM today.